People Helping People


The People Helping People (PHP) Project is about local communities and small businesses supporting each other.

Created by Signature Teamwear and its affiliate Ink Generation, the PHP Project was developed to be a platform where communities and businesses can create programs tailored to fit specific needs at a particular time.

We are currently launching The Gift Card Program.

The Gift Card Program

Supported by AT&T and Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation

This program is designed to benefit all parties. The Gift Card Program provides the customer an opportunity to support their favorite shop, restaurant, or local business.


– The shop, restaurant, business, etc. shares the People Helping People Project link with their customer through their mailing list and social media channels.

 – The customer purchases an item, in this case a $25 package which includes a t-shirt, five face masks and a $15 gift card.  This item/package is a set price, no up-charges, with delivery included.

– A portion of the funds from that purchase go to the shop, restaurant, business, etc. and the remainder goes toward manufacturing, fulfillment, and delivery.  

– PHP Project has gift cards for participating businesses. The Gift Card(s), along with other items included in the package, are sent to the customer to be used for an in-store redemption.

* Gift cards received through the PHP Project do not expire.
* No maximum: Customers are free to purchase as many as they wish.


Benefit to the Customers: They receive a package worth over $40 when the items are delivered.

Benefit to the Business: They receive some immediate cash relief as well as providing incentive for customers to return once businesses can reopen their doors.

Benefit to the Manufacturer: Provides work and some production revenue while businesses are shut down.

Benefit to the Sponsor: Provides exposure to tens of thousands of County residents and businesses through the businesses mailing lists, website, facebook etc.


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